🍂 Fall/Winter 2019

3/DAY SEMINAR |Diego Bado


30 SEP, 1 & 2 OCT | 20:30-22hs

> MONDAY 30.9


  • Body awareness inside the tango embrace.

  • Mechanics of the embrace for different types of movements.

  • Transitions between the close and the open form.

> TUESDAY 1.10

“Elastic Movements”

  • Techniques for elastic movements, in close and open embrace.

  • Circular and linear examples.

  • Variations in music.


“Creativity for Milonga”

  • Improvisation and creativity in the milonga rhythm.

  • Creating original sequences from the basic elements of dance.

  • Techniques for slow and fast movements.

> Participation is open to Tango dancers of all levels and schools. Preferably with a partner (!)

Participation Fees:

€20/1 day | €50/3 days

Students < 27: €15/1day | €35/3 days

Teaching languages: English/Spanish



Diego Bado is an integral artist within the discipline of tango. He is a dancer, teacher, producer, writer and cultural manager specialized in tango dance, with more than 12 years of experience in the main capitals of tango of the world.
Since he was very young he trained in the best tango schools of Buenos Aires and Montevideo, and has deepened his studies continuously for more than 12 years.
As a professional dancer he obtained the first price in the Championship of tango of Montevideo, his hometown, in 2015, and has traveled arround the world representing his country for the last 7 years.
He specialized as a tango teacher, and traveled throughout Europe and South America since 2012, developing his own methodology, with solid theoretical foundations.
As a producer and cultural manager, he has worked in the production of important tango companies (DNI Tango of Buenos Aires, Compañía Tierra Adentro of Montevideo), major festivals (Festival Tango Salón Extremo in Buenos Aires, Día Nacional del Abrazo in Bogotá), and has organized around one hundred milongas for almost a decade, in Montevideo and Buenos Aires (Milonga del Chau Che Clu, Milonga La Bicicleta, Milongas al Mediodía del Teatro Solis, among many others).