Summer 2019


3 & 4 AUGUST | 13-16hs

Through simple to more complex excercises we will explore all we know about Walking and the use of the Free Leg in Tango. We will study and practice body movement to achieve fluidity in the walk, balance and energy control. We will aim at a better use of the Standing Leg for a more meaningful and beautiful movement of the Free Leg.

FOCUS: Walking and use of the Free Leg.

FORMAT: four progressive sessions of 90 mins each - two sessions per day - during which participants will learn, practice and explore the following topics and technical concepts:

  • Pisada, posture, balance and alignment

  • Movement mechanics, direction, expansion

  • Linear and circular movements

  • Timing, dynamics and speed

  • Style and embellishments

  • Connection and communication through the embrace

  • Expansion, relaxation and flexibility of the embrace

  • Dynamics of impulse and reaction

> Participation is open to Tango dancers of all levels and schools.

What to bring:

  1. tango shoes, socks or jazz shoes, and comfortable cloths.

  2. a young spirit, an open mind, focus, energy and lots of passion for this dance!

Participation Fees:

€30/1 day | €50/2 days

Students < 27: €25/1day | €45/2 days

Teaching languages: English/Spanish


Photo©Jose Ignacio Boceta